Why Cheap SEO Services Are Dangerous

You have a company, personal or organisational website that you want to increase visibility in Google, great!

You go into Google and you search for the keyword “cheap seo services”, great!

You find a service, consult with them and sign up for one of their “cheap” programs. Maybe it fits your budget, maybe you have no budget for SEO or you just don’t know enough to make a proper, safe decision. 

You walk away after parting with your money and you feel good about what you think is going to mean your website gets better rankings in the search engines. Great!

The reality is that cheap SEO services are dangerous.


The simple reason is that SEO is not a cheap service. It simply cannot be. There are too many variables, best practices, techniques and methods for it to be a cheap solution to the problem of getting more organic, search based traffic to your website. We forgot to add one key element to the previous sentence…

Quality, search based traffic to your website. 

Cheap SEO will probably get you some sort of results for sure. Maybe your site is brand new and you really just want to see something happen on the site. You don’t know why you want traffic on the site yet, but you know you need traffic for the site to perform its purpose. Perhaps your site is showing up on the 3rd, 5th or 100th page in Google and you want it to be on the first. Cheap SEO will sadly never get you to where you want and need your site to be.

Most of the time cheap SEO services will focus on quick wins. These may be in the form of low competition keywords with low search volume that the search engine optimiser will tell you are “relevant to your website”. The truth is that these keywords will eventually bring you traffic but the traffic won’t be the traffic you want.

All search engine traffic is not created equal…

This is the “hook” that cheap SEO companies try to sell you on; quick wins that they can show you proof for. Getting on page one for a 20 searches per month keyword is not difficult. Why? Because there is no competition from other search engine optimisation companies and as a result doesn’t require a lot of work. The lower the competition generally means the less amount of required SEO work.

Do you really want to show up for low search volume, cold keywords?

Cold keywords are keywords that will more than likely not result in the desired user action. Your website should work like a machine. In one side you pour in visitors, it converts them into leads and then markets to those leads with the purpose of converting them into paying customers. 

Cheap, easy to get rankings will near insure that people wont convert into customers. You want to focus on the harder to rank for, competitive keywords that your competitors are using to convert cold, fresh eyes into paying customers. 

Cheap SEO can be dangerous for your website and your health

Cheap SEO services can mean the death of your website: Forever.

Cheap SEO services can mean the death of your website: Forever.

Nobody wants to experience what is possibly the worst fate for any website; de-indexing. This is when Google becomes so offended by the work done to your website that they remove any mention of it from their index.

Imagine burning a book in a library so nobody could ever find it again. This is how Google approach cheap, unsafe and illegal search engine optimisation techniques. 

Unfortunately many site owners opt for and fall into the trap of cheap SEO and wonder why after a short period of time their site still doesn’t appear in Google, only to find that it has been removed from their index completely and permanently.

This happens because cheap SEO companies use techniques and methods which violate Google’s guidelines for improving the search visibility of websites. You may see mention of all sorts of guarantees about keyword research, competitor analysis or link-building solutions pushed by cheap SEO packages and think “Ah, that sounds like a good deal to me…”

Most of this is just marketing fluff put there to mask poor quality, dangerous and short term rank improving strategies. In the world of search engine optimisation there is no short term or necessarily easy wins. Everything SEO needs to planned for, strategised and deployed in a controlled, effective manner. This is why there is no way to guarantee the perfect SEO result. There are too many variables when trying to get the best rankings possible for your website and your business.

Basically, any SEO company which guarantees first page results is lying and trying to sell you…

We don’t offer cheap SEO packages because they don’t work

Cheap SEO doesn’t exist…

We offer high quality search engine optimisation services that are some of the best in country, and while we will never guarantee page one ranking results, we do guarantee drastic improvements for your site. 

All of our services focus on long term, Google safe yet Google pleasing methods, strategies and techniques which will ensure that your website performs its function every hour of every day: converting people into paying customers.

The simple truth is that if your site doesn’t make you money or provide a valuable service to the people you want to sell to, why bother with it at all? 

We help you take control of your website’s organic search traffic by not lying to you, damaging your site or performing “cheap SEO services”.

If you are interested in taking the steps you need to get your website appearing higher and higher in Google’s search results pages every month then we are your partner in business.

If you are looking for cheap SEO services then we are sorry but as much as we would love to help you out, having customers sites removed from Google is not what we would call a high quality result and we are not right for you.

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